Communing with Dolphins Retreat



Magical Retreats in Playful Union with Non-Captive Dolphins
ALL-INCLUSIVE!!   8 days in Hawaii 


This will be our LAST opportunity to interact with

non-captive Dolphins in Hawaii ... find out why below  




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Spirit and Soul Renewal Retreat


February 25 - March 4, 2018  ... FULL MOON Retreat


A rare opportunity to Respectfully interact with NON-CAPTIVE Dolphins.


It has been my ultimate joy and pleasure to facilitate more than 30 Communing With Dolphins Retreats over the past 15 years. During this time I have witnessed people from all over the world rejoice and rejuvenate as these connections had a healing impact on humans and dolphins alike.


If you hold it in your heart to experience the magic of respectfully swimming with non-captive dolphins, be it at our retreat or while on the island, then this may be your last opportunity to do so!


Why is this our last year?


NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is and has been threatening to come up with a strict law against swimming with wild dolphins and this could be imposed in the very near future.


As part of a Conscious Dolphin Lovers group, we have been encouraging...


Education vs a total ban.

Unfortunately more and more people have been hearing about the dolphins in our bays. These are the bays in which the dolphins come to rest and also where they often want to interact and play. Many of these people, in their innocence and ignorance and in their excitement, overhand swim and thrash about as they chase and reach out and try to grab onto the dolphins.


They only see and know how dolphins are treated in captivity, with trainers riding on their backs, being pulled by their fins and constantly being touched. Most retreat facilitators (unfortunately not all) educate their groups on how to enter the water respectfully, keeping their hands to their sides and not to reach out to touch or chase the dolphins.


At our retreat, there is a whole education process on how to respectfully interact and how to recognize rest behaviour from playful interacting behaviour.


When the Dolphins are resting, they move very slow and dive deep, at this time we observe respectfully from the surface. it is very clear when the dolphins want to interact and they love to connect with humans. When this happens the experience is exhilarating and beyond words!


I often share ... How would you feel if you were enjoying a peaceful and quiet time in your home with family and/or friends and the front door suddenly bursts open as a group of people rush into your living room and grabs out to touch you?


The Bays are the Dolphins homes. They do communicate telepathically and when you treat them with respect, they swim right up to you and it is their choice to do so.


Until this is settled, I have made the decision this year will be our last retreat.  


Your body heals with PLAY, your mind and heart heals with LAUGHTER and your soul heals with JOY!







Luxurious Oceanfront Accommodation
overlooking the beautiful aqua-blue bay where the dolphins and whales often Commune!

        • Organic Scrumptious Gourmet Meals daily, including an abundance of fresh fruit.
          We cater to your personal dietary requirements

        • Morning Meditations

        • Daily personal guided Non-Captive Dolphin swims

        • You will have a swim guide who will work with you at whatever level of swim
          and/or snorkel ability you have ... even if you are a non-swimmer.

        • Private Whale cruise and opportunity to swim off the boat

        • Inspirational, Motivating & Healing Seminars

        • Playful and joy-filled activities to awaken your inner child

        • Local Musicians and Entertainment to life your spirit

        • Luau and Hula lesson - sharing of local history and heartwarming stories

        • Trip to Volcano and other Sacred Sites - partake in ancient ceremonies


All activities are optional ... you can choose to simply relax


 Your Retreat does NOT include:  Air Travel to and from Hawaii and the retreat site





We are located on the Big Island, also known as the island of Hawaii.


The airport is the KOA airport on the Kona Coast.


No more than 12 participants in any retreat.


FITNESS AND ABILITIES: We discuss individual's needs and accommodate those who do not know how to swim, have fear of the water, never snorkeled before up to and including excellent swimmers and divers. 


Everyone will have a swim guide. Your swim guide will work with you at whatever level of swim and/or snorkel ability you have.


Non-swimmers welcome. Preparations will be made for you in advance.

Or.. if you choose, you can simply enjoy from a distance.


Our swims are early every morning which leaves the rest of the day and evening to experience the many other exciting retreat activities.





Feb 25 - March 4, 2018



(only a few spaces left)

Retreat Value:  $3337.

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                All fees are per person and are in US funds


               Your all-inclusive retreat is for 8 days and 7 nights.


               The Retreat accommodations are also availabe for two days before
               and for three days after the retreat.


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Feb 25 - March 4, 2018