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Hannelore_ministerReverend Hannelore is an Ordained Interfaith Minister and graduate of “The New Seminary” in New York,  focusing on dimensions of psychology, comparative religions, healing and counseling. As an “Interfaith Minister”, Reverend Hannelore respects all diverse paths to God. She honors and values the fundamental beauty and wisdom in ALL religions and traditions.


Her motto, adopted from the New Seminary, is “Never instead of…always in addition to…” and “We are all one.”


She regularly brings her light and wealth of knowledge and experience to Weddings, Baptisms and Memorials.


Reverend Hannelore’s personal Vow and Commitment:

“Divine Spirit, Beloved Mother/Father God; I give myself to You as an open channel in total love and commitment - that I may be an instrument of peace, love and inspiration. That my voice is Your voice and my actions - Your actions. That I touch in some way, the souls of this planet on their journey of awakening to their light. May I become as one with Your light, and with Your grace, I touch all those that cross my path.” So be it!