Is there Life after Death?


‘Death is but a migration of the soul.’ ~Socrates


Watching a loved one suffer through illness, and/or losing a loved one through death may be the most difficult and painful experience we will ever endure. One cannot put a time frame on the grieving process. Each of us moves through it at our own pace.


With every death, however, there is a gift - one that reinforces that life is eternal. The sun never sets on the soul and when we live in the faith and trust that our spiritual path requires, we are able to open to messages from other dimensions – to realize for certain that life doesn’t end with death. We simply shed our human garment and the part of us that is the essence of who we are goes on forever, and it is the love that endures.


No matter how strong one’s faith may be, losing a loved one hurts one’s heart – deeply – and we sometimes wonder if we can ever be whole again.


I remember how difficult it was for me when my father passed on. He suffered for many years. I spent many nights by his side in the hospital and as we neared his end. His death was tremendously painful for me. I believed I would never again smile let alone laugh. My heart was aching and very heavy. Everything seemed dark and dismal.


While I continued to teach classes, I found it too difficult to offer private sessions. I felt too vulnerable. I didn’t want another individual to see or feel my pain. After a time, and with great resistance, I conceded and began to again accept one-on-one appointments.


My first three appointments were individuals grieving the loss of a parent! A coincidence? No. God/Source brings to us those who will be mirrors for our own pain so that we have a greater opportunity to heal. As I counseled these clients, I discovered that I was in fact counseling myself. It was like I had God/Source by my side whispering in my ear, “Listen to what you are saying Hannelore.”


As the pain eased in my client, the pain in my own heart eased. Since my father passed, I have been blessed with many signs. In fact – just as I wrote these very words an eagle swooped down no more than 20 feet away and flew right in front of my window! I have learned to trust these signs. When they make me think of my father, I know that they are gifts from him – and I whisper, “Thank you, Dad.”


“When the heart weeps for what it has lost, the soul laughs for what it has found.”

~ Sufi aphorism


My mother, on the other hand, was not coping as well.


One of my dear friends has the remarkable gift of being able to communicate with departed loved ones on the other side. I mentioned to her that losing my Dad after 60 years of marriage was extremely hard on my mother.


I asked her if she was open to receiving a message from my Dad - something we could tell Mom that only she would know, and that would be proof that he still existed. At that moment she took a deep breath and told me, “He said that you are to tell her to remember the bird.” I looked at her questioningly, “The bird?” She replied, “He is really excited and keeps insisting and repeating, “Tell her to remember the bird!” She asked me if that meant anything to me. “No, I can’t think of anything.”


The next day, after having lunch with Mom, I told her about my friend’s gift and Dad’s message. She responded with “The bird?” I asked her if that meant anything to her and she said, “No.” Needless to say I was disappointed.


Mom then went to the washroom and a moment later I heard her shout, “I know what it is!” She came back to the room and told me to join her in the kitchen. She then said, “As you know, your father and I never spoke of death. But a number of years ago, your father and I stood right here and discussed this very topic. Several of our friends had recently passed away. We questioned if there was really life after death. No one really knows for sure and no one ever came back to say, “Hey! We’re okay!” They just died and were gone. I then said to your father, “Okay, if I go before you I will move this bluebird magnet that is here on the fridge.” And your father said to me, “And if I go before you, I will move the bluebird magnet.” Mom went on to say, “Do you know how many times I have come into the kitchen and the bluebird magnet was on the other side of the fridge door? I would move it back and then notice it had moved again. I just assumed it was when I closed the freezer door that it moved.” She then asked me, “How would he remember that?” I replied, “How did you just remember?” “I was in the bathroom, and suddenly as though it just happened yesterday, I remembered our conversation in the kitchen.”


Dads message to her -”Remember the Bird.”


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