JuneJuly-2013-Sibyl-MagazineAs a selected writer for Sibyl Magazine, I will be featuring one article per month for the entire year of 2015.


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Each article is an excerpt from my book 'The Other Side of the there Life after Death?'

There is one absolute, and that is we all die. No one is untouched. Our western society does not prepare us for death. Yet, we are all affected by it. Death is our greatest teacher.


This series of articles invite you to consider the possibility that there may be something beyond death.

The stories are all true and profound personal experiences, such as...

  • The story entitled 'Remember the bird', a message received as 'proof' from the other side;
  • Speaking of a departed loved who then shows up in a photograph within an 'Orb';
  • The smell of cigarette smoke when clearly no one is around;
  • Looking for a loved family dog after dark and guided by a complete stranger who showed up out of nowhere;
  • Trusting intuition and a series of synchronicities which saved the life of my mother;
  • How my father, given mere hours to live, was brought back from the brink of death with the miracle of 'The lost mode of prayer';
  • And the gift of a found necklace placed in an angel mother's last words.

"My experience showed me that the death of the body and the brain are not the end of consciousness, that human experience continues beyond the grave." ~ Eben Alexander, from 'Proof of Heaven'