Earth Prayers by Francene HartEarth Prayers by Francene Hart



An in depth professional Intuitive Reading 

and Intuitive Business Skills

Certified Training Program

with Hannelore, M.S.C., M.S.H.

Eighty (80) hour Interactive program

A life-changing journey for the beginner and/or advanced...who would like to BE:

* A sucessful Business Entrepreneur

* A professional Intuitive Reader

* Empowered in making clear and accurate decisions

* In harmony with personal and business relationships

* In your power and not affected by the influence of others

* In control of your emotions and your physical body

* Of greater service to yourself and others 

* Empowered to live your Divine Purpose

This powerful program is 'An Awakening of Self!'

As you discover your Authentic Self you uncover Your Purpose.

These highly successful teachings are designed to inspire you to tap into your intuitive abilities, make empowering decisions, set boundaries, effectively deal with crisis and shift lifelong patterns that no longer serve you.

In Business ~ attract a better job, a new career, solve problems, improve decision making skills, communicate clearly, generate team spirit and embark on the road to financial independence and success. 

In your Personal life ~ enhance your growth, deepen intimacy and clear communication in relationships, experience new spiritual well being and live a joyous rewarding life. 

You will receive many tangible, practical and easy to use tools to tap into your intuition.  This will clear a path so you can be of service with love and integrity and support others on their healing and empowerment journey.

Step by step ~ You will learn how to:

     ~ Discern your voice of intuition from the false voices of fear, doubt and indecision as you

       develop, enhance and trust your intuition.
     ~ Give (and receive) many different methods of 'intuitive readings'
        which in turn enhances your day to day intuitive skills
    ~ Effectively use your keen sense of intuition when making important decisions for

        successful business ventures and/or in your personal life.

        (many Billionaires attribute their success to using their intuition)

     ~ Recognize synchronicities and understand how these are messages guiding you from a

        greater realm.

     ~ Learn to energetically 'scan' the body to discern where and what is blocking the flow of


     ~ Be in touch with and embrace who you really are as you experience a deep process to

        unveil your Divine Identity/Your Authentic Self.

     ~ Overcome fears, reclaim and own your Power.
     ~ Trust your voice of intuition and discover how it can and has saved lives. 

     ~  Travel on Shamanic Journey's and connect with your 'Power/Totem' animals

     ~ Connect with extremely powerful breath and eye exercises.

     ~ See Auras and the translucent light field that surrounds us  

     ~ Become a Certified Intuitive Reader

       (if you choose this as your path or simply to heighten your own intuitive awareness)  

     ~ Listen to and trust messages from your heart center.

A comprehensive Training manual will be provided as well as a 'Certificate' of Completion of 'The Power of Intuition Intensive training program'.

Your certificate is to honour the completion of your studies and to validate you as a 'Professional Intuitive'.


80 hour program TUITION $1988 (plus GST)

Deposit: $350

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Early registration specials and deadlines:
Two weeks prior to weekend workshop and three weeks prior to retreats. (unless otherwise posted)
Offers cannot be combined with other offers.
Arrangements can be made to pay in installments for the longer programs and/or live-in intensives/retreats
Live-in intensives/retreats do not include meals and accommodation. (We do our best to ensure these are at reasonable rates ~ The Dolphin and Wilderness retreats are the exception and include meals & accommodation).
Deposits are non-refundable (unless entire program is cancelled)



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